Reporting and QC

Reporting and Quality Control Processes

Evripos hires, trains and equips the most diligent and enthusiastic cleaning specialists in the industry, then vigorously monitors and controls the quality of their work. We are committed to open communication and transparency, to build accountability into all of our processes.


One of the cornerstones of our quality assurance (QA) policy is reporting, but it’s also important to customize reporting to the needs of our clients. Some clients need up-to-the-minute emails, others prefer periodic reporting—for example, in-person presentations of quarterly reports. Still others are busy managing other challenges and don’t want any communications from us at all. We’re proud to say that some of our clients are so impressed with our delivery that they cancel all reporting entirely—although we maintain our records in case that ever changes.

Whatever your reporting needs might be, we meet them. When we work with you to design your janitorial program at the start of our engagement, we take note of the KPIs that are important and provide ongoing tracking in your preferred format and frequency.

Stay Informed with Our
Mobile App

Our mobile app is available in the field and on your desktop, and makes it easy to track progress on cleaning activities, open new service tickets, and provide feedback. For some of our clients, it’s a convenient one-stop-shop for all communications.

Here are just a few of the features our clients can leverage:Here are just a few of the features our clients can leverage:

  • Online tracking of weekly inspections in real-time, noting everything that meets standards as well as any deficiencies, and when and how deficiencies were corrected.
  • Allows us to upload photos to illustrate reports.
  • Geopositioning systems allow technicians to “clock on” only when they are on-site. This is a feature that smaller clients love, if they don’t have their own time tracking software.
  • Cleaning activity reference via QR code.
  • Integrates with many larger facility management software systems.
  • Open service requests for additional cleanup of unexpected messes, like spilled coffee, with progress tracking.

We use the app with any of our clients who agree to use it, and work with our clients to provide the specific modules for their reporting requirements.

Our Four-Tier Quality Control (QC) Process

Evripos has built our QC process on the concept of kaizen (continuous improvement).

As part of our commitment to ISSA/CIMS, our processes are audited every 18 months. We adhere to ISSA CIMS GB standards.

Our QC process includes the following four-tier workflow:

  1. Self-inspection by the cleaning technician. After completing a work package, our cleaning technician stops and evaluates their own work according to our training standards. If any activity does not meet 100% of expectations, it is redone immediately. This initial step helps ensure our clients’ high level of satisfaction at any given time. Once the technician is confident that their work will pass inspection, they sign off on the task. 
  2. Weekly inspections by supervisors. Supervisors choose areas of focus at random. The results of the inspection are tracked. 
  3. Monthly managerial inspections. The manager assigned to that building or portfolio  visits the site and does a higher-level inspection. We’ll check cleaning tasks, but we’ll also do things like make sure stock levels are fine, checking the supervisor’s work as well as the cleaning technician’s.
  4. Quality audit. This is a rigorous inspection of everything from the quality of work on-site to processes, including important details like ensuring safety data (SDS) sheets are correct. The audits also include employee interviews to ensure they have the support they need from Evripos.  

Our quality control process is a two-way street. Our cleaning technicians know they can make process improvement suggestions at any time, and are encouraged to let management know if there is anything standing in the way of their ability to do a good job. We have an excellent track record of making improvements to both processes and equipment.


Training Provides the Right Foundation

No matter how experienced a new hire may be, we ensure our cleaning technicians go through every step of our training program to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to date. Periodic workshops and refreshers keep our standards of work high.


Accountability is Built In

There’s a reason our slogan states “Sustainable. Accountable. Clean.”—these are the watchwords by which we define ourselves. You can rest assured that not only will we deliver what we promise, we’ll be able to prove it too.