Multi-Tenant offices—medium and high-rise

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, businesses have been taking a hard look at their line items for real estate. Many of their employees have effectively transitioned to working from home, and they’re wondering how much space they really need.

There’s an effective business case to be made for retaining a collaborative office space that’s an appealing place to meet with clients. A large part of that argument hinges on your ability to provide a safe and healthy environment. Evripos can recommend best practices in enhanced cleaning to help employees feel safe and ready to focus on their work.

Evripos looks after class A office facilities and beyond, from five stories tall to more than twenty stories. We work with property managers to provide janitorial services  that give you the best value for your budget, incorporate best practices, are well-planned and executed, and provide excellent response to feedback.

In our experience, a little flexibility goes a long way. We understand that sometimes tenants have specific needs. For example, some may want cleaning done earlier in the day, others may want services later. We’re ready to work with you to help build a cleaning program that keeps tenants and their employees engaged with the space you provide.