Commercial and Retail

The small things make big differences.

Brick-and-mortar stores have been facing strong competition from online shopping for years. Now, the pandemic has created additional challenges to your tenants’ ability to provide a positive shopping experience for their customers. We can help create that attractive, safe experience that delights shoppers and keeps them coming back.

Evripos has deep experience in janitorial care for all varieties of commercial and retail spaces, from big box and other standalone stores to common areas of shopping malls, including food courts. 

Our cleaning technicians are rigorously trained to provide consistent and reliable services to our high standard of quality. Evripos is a large organization with the resources to ensure that we can provide qualified cleaning technicians, even in the event of last-minute illness. 

We also provide extensive training so that our technicians understand their security responsibilities. Alarm systems and lockup is just the beginning: our disaster response training ensures our team members know what to do in the event of a plumbing leak, fire, break-in or other emergencies.

Combined with our strong planning, communication and reporting practices, you’ll have a janitorial program that helps you build the kind of destinations that attracts consumers from miles around.