Certified Green

Enviromental & Sustainability Practices

The EVRIPOS Environmental Management System (EMS) allows us to consistently assess and address the impacts our operations may have on the environment. It is a continual cycle of process planning, implementing, reviewing, and improving in order to meet our organizational and environmental goals.

We strive to keep communities clean and safe: we use technology to reduce paper use, conserve and reuse water, minimize energy consumption, and only use green cleaning products and equipment (e.g. to run our equipment, we use sealed gel batteries). We are proud to adhere to LEED principles and green cleaning practises. On the community level, we partake in local stewardship programs, emergency-response committees and employee environmental training.

Since 1995, EVRIPOS has invested in green cleaning processes and technology and we only use Green/Ecologo certified products. We are a certified green contractor with the Canadian Green Sustainability Program and we are proud to offer clients environmentally conscious cleaning products and energy-efficient techniques.